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What is Croatina?

Croatina is CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Croatian language that provides relevant knowledge about Croatian language and promotes the use of language technologies for Croatian. Croatina covers relevant linguistic information about the Croatian language, its history, structure at all language levels, typological features, sociolinguistic environment, level of the language technological support, and other linguistically and technologically relevant information.

Who are we?

Croatina is supported by two institutions that both are members of the HR-CLARIN national consortium: Institute of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (FFZG) and Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics (IHJJ).

What we offer to our users?

  • through the helpdesk we provide relevant information about the topics related to Croatian language, its language learning and use of language resources
  • we advise about building and depositing of your own language resources
  • we help with access to data and tools and with usage of language resources
  • we provide answers and recommendations on a wide range of topics related to the Croatian language

What topics do we cover?

  1. linguistic topics (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse)
  2. language processing topics (tokenization, lemmatization, PoS/MSD tagging, named entity recognition, creation and management of corpora and lexica, morphological processing at inflectional and derivational level, multimodal annotation, parsing (syntactic and semantic), large language models, Croatian language processing)
  3. data types on Croatian language (monolingual corpora, parallel corpora, wordnets, treebanks, large language models, morphological databases, lexica)
  4. generic topics (data management, metadata, language technology platforms and frameworks, grammars, expertise in CALL for Croatian as L2 (including L2 corpora)

Who can be our user?

  • linguists
  • experts and researchers from other humanities
  • experts and researchers from social sciences
  • experts and researchers from other scientific fields
  • language technology developers
  • students
  • language teachers/teachers in other humanities
  • teachers in social sciences
  • translators
  • journalists, writers and other artists
  • all those who study or research the Croatian language